Mods drop rate is now 100%, but...

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With the recent double drops, cheap(ish) energy refreshes, and a new hope following the newly adapted drop rate from mod challenges, I've rushed (like many I guess) on the new gold mine... Just to discover that there wasn't any gold in that mine!

I've mined lots of mods for sure, all of them but a handful were white (and promptly sold as scrap metal for a few credits per kilo).

Do you think it might be possible that the way the drop rate increased is by filling it with white-mods only? I mean, before we have a 1/3 chance to get a mod (with say equal chance at each color, although that's probably too generous) and 2/3 of getting no mod. Now we have the same 1/3 chance of getting a mod of any color (same distribution as before), and 2/3 chance of getting a white mod?

Noooo... that would be a cheap trick wouldn't it?
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  • BzmR94
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    i got some very nice mods since they increased droprates... so no.
  • BzmR94 wrote: »
    i got some very nice mods since they increased droprates... so no.

    Yeah, it's been better
  • Same here, I've received a few gold ones. Sure you get alot of the worthless ones but I'm not complaining!
  • JacenRoe
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    It's pretty random. There are still several layers of RNG to go through, but if you farm enough you'll get some winners. I actually got 4 gold mods at 5* with speed as a starting secondary... aaaaand none of them got a single speed upgrade. Ouch. But at least I'm getting them to drop. Keep grinding. Keep rolling. You get some.
  • CamaroAMF
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    I don't think so. I'm getting as high a rate of colored mods as I did before and in game chat has been filled with rare mod drops. Change has helped me immensely with modding B, C, D teams.
  • Veritasum
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    Just keep farming. The universe has not lined up against you. Some people just get a little luckier than others.
  • oda_KNZ
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    But they change zeta & omega droprate really make me sick..
  • KyloRey
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    I actually have gotten a couple real good mods with speed secondaries even after double drops were over.

    Just by having the drop rate increased to 100% (up from probably 30% before) means we get more chances to get mods with good speed secondaries.
  • Mr_Sausage
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    I have received more 5* gold mods since increased drop rate was introduced than the previous 3 months combined trying to farm them. I've been very pleased. To me, they addressed the most frustrating part of the game.
  • Exletion
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    I've got a ton of amazing mods. Speed secondary golds and blues, and speed primary arrows. Not having trouble with RNG drop rate at all.
    oda_KNZ wrote: »
    But they change zeta & omega droprate really make me sick..

    Neither mod drop rate nor Zeta/Omega drop rate has changed. If you hit a dry spell, blame it on RNG.
  • I have more mods with speed than I know what to do with.
  • ive gotten 4 good secondary speed mods so far. ive been liking it a lot.
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