Palpatine and Expose

I had the x4 speed on so i couldnt effectively screenshot it in time, however it has been reported before. Heres the deal: I used an ally sidious in PvE and he exposed three of three rebels. Then, my palpatine attacked one of the rebels, it killed him and brought the others down to 1 health. Then, i got a round complete wipe. Both rebels were STILL standing, but it acted as though Palp's out of turn damage on Expose had killed them, even though in reality it had only brought them down to 1.


  • Boreas
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    DoT may kill them. Sid applies both expose and Dot.
  • DeadStormTrooper
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    Boreas wrote: »
    DoT may kill them. Sid applies both expose and Dot.

    Nope. They didnt get a turn. If that were the case i wouldve had quite a few more turns before them.
    As i said they were still standing and alive plain as day
  • crzydroid
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    Yup, I've seen this several times, and there's a thread out there if anyone cares to find it. It's if Palp attacsk and there is also deathmark or expose triggered, the toons who die will still appear to be standing when the round ends.
  • Kozispoon
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  • scuba
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    I wonder if the made expose damage occur first instead of after trigger damage.

    1. Crackling doom triggers
    2. Expose damage happens but doesn't kill them
    3. Crackling doom damage removes the rest of their health but is not allowed to kill them.

    Or could be the mechanic that limits damage to not kill them is being applied to the expose damage also.

    So many problems with crackling doom.
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