Player Spotlight! June Edition

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Greetings Again Holo Table Heroes!

This month we are proud to announce our Spotlight Player: Ardpa_Res0u of Guild "That's So Revan". Nominated by his fellow players for his helpful nature and outstanding play style!


We sat down with Ardpa and got some insight to the experiences he has had in the Star Wars Universe, including a great final question!

So what got you into SWGOH?
SW fan since a kid grown up with the franchise. Now a father taking pleasure introducing my children to both the new Star Wars film and then the original classic films. Started the game in April 2016 so not an original Nov starter. Enjoy the game for the collection and progression aspects but also the games easy accessibility.

What keeps you engaged in the game?
I understand sometimes people get frustrated with speed of content releases etc but I've played a number of mmorpgs especially on mobiles but as with all games it's important to find your own motivations to play sometimes. I enjoy the arena the most but as content slows I really enjoy the opportunity to build and progress my overall collection giving me more options and allowing me to experience different team comps etc.
I'd like to add:
Also being part of a fabulous guild keeps me going through any moments of doubt or indefcision in the game. Having a group as passionate about SW as me and knowledgable of the game as well as always making things fun really enhances the social aspect of Galaxy of Heroes.

Revan huh? Dark side or Light side version of his legendary persona(s)?
From a game point of view then Dark, would be amazing to see him with Malak synergy. In KOTOR it was always more fun to play him as darkside force user imo.

Guild Awards?!? That sounds intriguing tell us all about it!
Guild awards allowed everyone to vote on a number of categories like 'Best Officer', 'Worst Officer', 'Friendliest', 'Most Helpful'. It was a good bit of fun with plenty of derogatory categories too so we all had a good laugh. Each guild member got one vote in each category. They ran around The guilds first anniversary.
Plan is to run them once every year.

Thats sounds really fun, Your guild must be very friendly? And with pushing heroic aat? Thats really impressive! Any advice for other guilds?
HAAT was incredibly fun. It was the first time in a while that required coordinated planning but it's also important to try and keep the game light hearted. It's easy to become disillusioned when people take things too seriously. We were lucky to have an incredible Guild member who provided a spreadsheet to show which characters every guild member had and then another which gave us all specific dmg goals for each phase and each team we would use in the HAAT. This was our key to clearing it fairly early. We didn't need to split the guild or rely on an influx of 'stronger' players. We all worked together and achieved it as a guild regardless of roster strength.

Final Burning Question: Who do YOU think Snoke is?
Heart - Mace Windu, I've read the theories and although it would make sense it's probably a little too complicated for the current franchise.
Head - A Sith that predates Palpatine and Plagueis someone who has a better idea of the true nature of the force. Some sort of link to the Whills.
Wicked Sith Queen with the Pink Saber


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