Lando's AOE?

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Ok. Lando's AOE makes a bunch of lasers fall out of the sky and blow up the other team. I get that, but where the devil do they come from? Some toons have similar AOEs like phasma, krennic, veers, and tarkin, but theirs are explainable. Phasma's is sopposed to be a bunch of first order troops shooting at the enemy, krennic's is a squad of death troopers, and tarkin and veers is an orbital strike of some sort. This still leaves the question: where do the lasers from lando's AOE come from? It just looks like it's raining lasers or something. Maybe cloud city is hovering above him and it's citizens are shooting at the enemy? Maybe lobot has taken up a sniper position? Maybe the ugnaughts have decided to help out lando? Who knows? I certainly don't. What do you guys think?


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