Ship Evasion & Resistability

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Hiya Holotable Heroes!
We have a pair of topics meriting a closer look and bigger breakdown. Luckily I've managed to wrangle our resident Ships designer @CG_CMandellorian to update us on the the teams pass regarding the inconsistencies regarding Ships evasion. Additionally, live Quality Analyst @CG_feltz916 is here to focus spotlight Nihilus' resistance. Cheers!

Evasion Mechanics @CG_CMandellorian
Hey all!

So I want to try to clarify further because I know there's been a lot of confusion on this topic, and we realize we haven't been very consistent in messaging Evasion mechanics one way or another.

After a lot of discussion, the standard going forward will be that if an activated ability affects any enemies, that ability can be Evaded unless specified otherwise. We will be doing a consistency pass to make sure all abilities that we want to use Evasion do so, and all those we don't want to use Evasion don't, and say so explicitly. One part of this pass is evaluating all non-damaging activated abilities in the game to see whether they should use Evasion or not, since they already pay a significant cost simply by not dealing damage. Other abilities simply make very little sense to use Evasion from a flavor/fiction perspective, which we'll also be taking into consideration. These will likely be decided on a case-by-case basis. Sorry for any confusion!

Nihilus Resist Mechanics @CG_feltz916

I wanted to clarify this specific issue as there have been a couple of threads brought up regarding Nihilus and Cooldown Increase resistibility.
The current implementation of his Drain Force is working as intended per design intentions. It cannot be resisted. This is the same for other Characters and Ships that increase cooldowns as well. (Deathtrooper and Tie Reaper)

The issue is that we did not specify this in the ability description and will be updating the ability text to indicate this for all the affected units.

Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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