Ashes of Korriban - Want Kenobi Shards?

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Ashes of Korriban (AoK) are looking for a couple of players for the HAAT level guild. We successfully beat HAAT with no issues multiple times, so if you want Kenobi you WILL get him with this guild. A couple of our weaker players are moving to our lower guild so we'll have spots open.

1. 0dmg rule on Rancor until 6pm UK time on day two and then smash with all your teams.
2. HAAT P1 is Zylo only, everyone else saves teams. P2-P4 are one team each and the phases tend to die in about 30 mins.
3. Get 600 tickets!

Thats it, no silly "Zader is banned" or forty different damage windows etc. No "must have Line or Discord" etc. We DO use Slack for both our guilds joint chat but its not required (although would help you really join in with our community both in game convo and general convo, our Slack surpassed 30k messages in a few weeks, very active!)

My ally code is 884-671-935 although please reply here or pm me so I know who you are and can get you into Slack asap.

Next HAAT starts on Sunday!


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