Galactic War Miracle

So by now im used to being stopped on node 11-12 due to zaul or rex teams. Today my node 11 was easy (thank goodness) but my node 12 was a fully maxed out Kenobi (lead), Zylo, Zariss, B2, and Aayla Secura. After MANY, MANY different tries and combinations i managed to take out Zariss and B2 with my Zader team, with Boba and B2 subbed in for Rex and TFP. I then finished off Zylo, Kenobi, and Aayla with some various misc. toons. That was no doubt the hardest battle i have ever fought, but im glad i finished it lol.


  • I hate running into those teams that take almost your whole roster to beat lol.
  • How big is your roster? I've been playing since April of 2016 and I have everyone besides General Kenobi unlocked (my guild can't do Heroic yet). I use a multiple team/Turn Meter strategy. For example, on the very first node I use: Tarkin (L), Magma, Storm, TFP, and Death.
    2: Barriss (L), Luminara, Ayala, Kit, and R2.
    3: Phasma (L), zKylo, FOTP, Geo Soldier, Rey
    4: Ackbar (L), Leia, STH, Biggs, and Lando
    5: zQGJ (L), Anakin, Ashoka, Yoda, Mace
    6: zMaul (L), Savage, Sidious, Dooku, Emp Palp
    7: zVader (L), Palp and Maul from phase 6 who should have lots of TM, Royal Guard, Boba Fett
    8: same team (it's my strongest) but sometimes I'll sub in Death from phase 1 or Barriss from phase 2 to make sure they have high TM for tougher rounds. (I want death to go first against Chaze or Shore teams to remove Taunt and Barriss to Heal if needed).
    9: zVader, Palp, Maul, Boba, and RG
    10: same team
    11: same team
    12: switch out Boba and Maul and put in TFP and Death. I run a full Empire on node 12 (sometimes 11) and weaken them as much as I can. 5/10 times I finish it without having to use any backup teams but even if I did I have ZMaul and all the other teams with high TM. The trick is to use only Basic moves to save all the specials for node 11/12. This strategy gives me 7-8 teams to fall back on and then some.
  • I use a 3* gear8 phoenix squad for the easy nodes. 1-5. Then if node 6 is hard, and usually is, I use a stronger squad. Then back to phoenix for a few nodes till it gets tough again. Only a couple times I have run nodes 1-10 completly with phoenix squad. This keeps my strong toons fresh for the final nodes. I try to save my a-team for node 12.
    My node12 is always a top 20 arena type squad, I am below 100 in arena.
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    zFinn is all you need to clear GW :)
  • Belfazar
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    WildGrunt wrote: »
    zFinn is all you need to clear GW :)

    Ive seen his video, he's not lying. An amazing gw team.
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