Galactic War Miracle

So by now im used to being stopped on node 11-12 due to zaul or rex teams. Today my node 11 was easy (thank goodness) but my node 12 was a fully maxed out Kenobi (lead), Zylo, Zariss, B2, and Aayla Secura. After MANY, MANY different tries and combinations i managed to take out Zariss and B2 with my Zader team, with Boba and B2 subbed in for Rex and TFP. I then finished off Zylo, Kenobi, and Aayla with some various misc. toons. That was no doubt the hardest battle i have ever fought, but im glad i finished it lol.


  • I hate running into those teams that take almost your whole roster to beat lol.
  • Sewpot
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    Congrats! Love that feeling!
  • How big is your roster? I've been playing since April of 2016 and I have everyone besides General Kenobi unlocked (my guild can't do Heroic yet). I use a multiple team/Turn Meter strategy. For example, on the very first node I use: Tarkin (L), Magma, Storm, TFP, and Death.
    2: Barriss (L), Luminara, Ayala, Kit, and R2.
    3: Phasma (L), zKylo, FOTP, Geo Soldier, Rey
    4: Ackbar (L), Leia, STH, Biggs, and Lando
    5: zQGJ (L), Anakin, Ashoka, Yoda, Mace
    6: zMaul (L), Savage, Sidious, Dooku, Emp Palp
    7: zVader (L), Palp and Maul from phase 6 who should have lots of TM, Royal Guard, Boba Fett
    8: same team (it's my strongest) but sometimes I'll sub in Death from phase 1 or Barriss from phase 2 to make sure they have high TM for tougher rounds. (I want death to go first against Chaze or Shore teams to remove Taunt and Barriss to Heal if needed).
    9: zVader, Palp, Maul, Boba, and RG
    10: same team
    11: same team
    12: switch out Boba and Maul and put in TFP and Death. I run a full Empire on node 12 (sometimes 11) and weaken them as much as I can. 5/10 times I finish it without having to use any backup teams but even if I did I have ZMaul and all the other teams with high TM. The trick is to use only Basic moves to save all the specials for node 11/12. This strategy gives me 7-8 teams to fall back on and then some.
  • I use a 3* gear8 phoenix squad for the easy nodes. 1-5. Then if node 6 is hard, and usually is, I use a stronger squad. Then back to phoenix for a few nodes till it gets tough again. Only a couple times I have run nodes 1-10 completly with phoenix squad. This keeps my strong toons fresh for the final nodes. I try to save my a-team for node 12.
    My node12 is always a top 20 arena type squad, I am below 100 in arena.
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    @DeadStormTrooper, congrats on your hard earned victory! Must feel good on clearing something very difficult!

    On another note, folks with DN should try using his lead with Sith squad. No protection loss as it's converted to health and Sith under DN regen health fast. Also,you only need speed and protection mods, no crits. Just remember to pre load TM on a cleanser like AA, Chirrut, Rex etc for those Vader squads. They play rough with DN teams.
  • WildGrunt
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    zFinn is all you need to clear GW :)
  • Belfazar
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    WildGrunt wrote: »
    zFinn is all you need to clear GW :)

    Ive seen his video, he's not lying. An amazing gw team.
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