R2's number crunch

For those that have done this zeta, do you see a noticeable difference with it? Would you recommend it? What are your thoughts on it?
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  • Bajan
    8 posts Member
    I have it, have no regrets, R2 fits in with so many squads.
  • Belfazar
    586 posts Member
    He bolstered my hpit p1 score from 1 mil to 1.5 mil and I've got him with okay mods and g9. So not alot of added protection but still great
  • KueChael
    780 posts Moderator
    If you run a mixed lightside squad, use both zetas, and mod with crit chance .
  • What faction are you running? It does better with resistance than with rebels.
  • Essej
    325 posts Member
    R2 works just fine without any zetas, I would gladly take my 20 zetas back form the number crunch I upgraded
  • Got it for arena, must say although it's useful I'd still win the battles I won, dont think its a game changer
  • Any
    428 posts Member
    edited June 2017
    On Crit, my Jedi attack at 10-20% more damage as I test it on GW node 11 with 4 normal Offense mod.

    Some say give him Offense secondary will be better.
  • Boreas
    508 posts Member
    It's very useful for a character like Baze who needed higher max health. Congrats to who designed it.
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