Pvp Rank strange


I just sent a note cause i am a little bit frustrated.
I began to play 10 days ago, and I was climbing in the rank. Yesterday i was 144 , i won all my 5 matches reach 80 position and this evening i am back to 199... I find this a little bit unfair while I haven't lost a match to lose 50 positions....
Did you experience the same thing??

Good evening everyone


  • people dont like you it seems, you drop from 50-200 very easily
  • Pvp isnt about how many times u win and lose. Its a rank swappimg system. Therefore if u are in rank 199, look at who u are going to attack. Their rank ( granted of course if u win ) will be yours and ur old rank will be theirs. So if u were 80 and dropped to 199. A lot of ppl who were under u just swapped ranks with u
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  • May be not a lot. You just need about 5-10 people attacking you to drop a hundred in rank.
  • Ok thanks, So it s just about luck..
    Now i fluctuate between 100 and 200 ^^
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