Usefulness of some Jedi?

I have a few low level Jedi that I have never put much thought into. Only one of them ever gets used, during the Tank challenge, and that's Plo. I am wondering if any of them are worth investing resources. I have a max'd Lumi, a high JC, and a 4* Barris with good equipment and attacks.

Plo Koon - Currently 3*, level 52, gear 5, attacks at level 3.
Kit Fisto - Currently 2*, level 37, gear 4, attacks at level 3
Asoka - 2*, level 2, gear 1, attacks 1

I am also at 28/50 to unlock Eeth Koth, 12/25 to unlock Jedi Knight Guardian, 6/25 to unlock QGJ.

So, any of these characters worth investing in?



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    Well qui gon is worth your time. As far as I know the others only purpose would be to farm Yoda. All of this could def change in the future. A full Jedi team might be viable soon. Ahsoka got 30% lifesteal on hit.. Idk if that will help her, but its the 2nd highest lifesteal in the game !
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    If you want to unlock Yoda, you need to have 5 jedi, preferably asap to 5*, then 7* by time the next Yoda event rolls around, probably a month later.

    Kit is chromium packs farm only iirc, plo is handy, just slow. I personally am getting eeth up to 7* ultimately as friends enjoy using him.

    Personally most people would say get QGJ, and u have lum, jc and Barriss, basically 3 healers. I qgj and eeth along with your 3 is what I'm personally farming.
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    Yea, my goal wasn't so much to go for Yoda. Not being someone who invests money, and typically hovering between 150-200 in the Arena, I don't think I will be getting 5 Jedi to 7* anytime soon! Was more just wondering if any of these characters I have could be of use. I think I will go after QGJ, and continue with Eeth. Wouldn't mind starting the Jedi event, even if I won't be finishing it anytime soon/ever.

    Thanks for all the advice!
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