Not sure yoda will fit into my current Jedi team :(

Qui Gon, Luminara, Obiwan, Aayla, Darth maul.

I really feel like I want to keep darth maul just because of all the jedi, but since he is so slow I guess I may be better off just subbing him in for Yoda, since Yoda will probably get two attacks off before maul even an get one. Was hoping for yoda to have a teammate assist attack, but he does not seem to be an attacker.

H#From the looks of it his abilities seem weak to me, mainly for the fact that it takes too many turns to get your buffing abilities up and to be of any use, by which time the game is already finished. If the abilities form reddit are to be believed anyway. I see a lot of people syaing his abilities seem OP, but they seem underwhelming and unusable to me, we shall see what his stat line is. He will likely replace maul regardless just because of the speed changes.

ithotu Qui gon as leader I really dont see him to be very good sicne he seems too slow, If he has high HP and decent speed that may make up for it though. Really depends on these stats for now, or if his abilities change or get more powerful at higher levels, dont think it was stated what ability level his mined abilities were.


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    We really can't judge until we see him perform, some toons look great on paper but are "meh" in game and vice versa.
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    Indeed, expecially without knowing his speed and health stats. If he has for example health liek obi wan he is likely to be ridiculous. Been grinding random mats so I can gear him up as quickly as possible tomorrow, even if i find no room for him he will be fun for galactic wars.

    RIP darth maul, welcome green goblin with the speed changes though it seems. Maul is likely to just get 1shot now with the new speed anyway.
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    I find myself using Maul more now just for the life steal, he was hella fun in the GW today!
    Good idea saving mats, I am doing the same it the temptation to spend them is killing me. :/
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    Darth Maul ain't no Jedi so I'm sure yoda will fit into your Jedi team
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    Boabs wrote: »
    Darth Maul ain't no Jedi so I'm sure yoda will fit into your Jedi team
    This. While Maul might be a nice toon, he doesn't derive any Jedi synergistic benefits. Yoda most definitively does.
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