Where to put Droid Caller?

Just finished another droid caller for my arena team, which currently has 4 toons awaiting the piece. Which toon would help benifit my arena team most?

Boba g8 > g9
Palp (lead) g8>g9
Shore g9>g10
Vader g9>g10

Fifth toon is tfp G10.

Thanks for the help in advance!


  • BulYwif
    1977 posts Member
    Palpatine is weak if not at least gr 10. If it's your leader, give it to him and next one to ShT. ShT at gr 9 is not strong enough to protect your toons. TFP has a better survivability due to his foresight, Boba also due to his revive and Vader is strong enough for now at gr 9.
  • Barmuka_1
    602 posts Member
    I'd do Palp or shore. Boba is a huge gear farm in of itself. Vader is decent to g10 also but then requires a lot of gold like ep.
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