Non stop attack team??

I have most but not all of these characters but I was wondering how a team of :

Leader - Phasma
Cad bane
Kit Fisto

Would do in arena?? All of them have follow up n counter abilities paired with Phasma leader ability sounds like it would be good.


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    Most of those characters are dead in one hit. Maybe at the lower ranks, but any decent dps team would have that down before you done much damage
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    You can't really farm Cad or Kit so unless you're going to spend $2-3k, so it will never be viable in Arena.

    I think that Phasma/Fives/GS/Dooku/QGJ (or some variation) can work, depending on your server. Less counter but more assist.
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    Yeah I've noticed Cad goes down quick, was just curious. Like I said I don't have them all and am a mostly f2p(bought the daily crystals pack)
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