Why F2P Players .......



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    Let's not let this devolve into a play for free against pay to play thing here.... you can disagree, but do it civilly.
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    I guess its just best to ignore the complaints we do not like.
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    DknSho wrote: »
    Very simple
    Because the ridiculous spenders can make F2P players keep playing this game

    First, You overestimate the value of the big spender. Big spenders are a temporary commodity. Once you've bought everything, your contribution dries up. Certainly nowhere near what you spent in the past. There are very few spending a thousand a week every week.

    Second, nothing anyone has spent effects what I play the game for. If you dropped 10k and have everything that's great for you, but that doesn't make me want to force crush people with Vader (why i play) any less.

    Third this type of business model isn't set up to entertain someone who has spent a ton of money. That's yesterday's money. The goal is to keep money coming in.

    Fourth, check some other similar game forums. Notice the whales are complaining about the same general things. So are the f2p..

    It is clear you feel some sort of authority from spending money or like that makes you more important than anyone else.. you aren't. So how much did you spend? If I've spent a few dollars more doesn't that make me the boss? Doesn't that mean I'm entitled to more than you?

    Ridiculous logic. Use your brain indeed.

    Sorry indeed I Reli don't know what are you talking about @Darth_Katsumoto

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    It's ok.. understanding is not a requirement, merely obedience muwhahhahahhaha
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    This is a pointless thread. Someone complaining about other people complaining.
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    This is a pointless thread. Someone complaining about other people complaining.

    Yea, agreed... was hoping it would just stay a simple conversation. I was wrong
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