Bronzium Packs Shard Drops

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I think that there should be a way to get more than 1 shard per Bronzium pack. Don't make it super good like the Chromium packs, but make there be a small chance to get 2, or maybe 3 shards of a character from the pack. 1 shard is usually useless, as I always get 1/80 shards I need to unlock a character. Also, not everyone can spend 100$s of dollars on the game, but I have bought some gems before, but since I can't buy thing often, the Bronzium shard drops are always useless. For everyone who spends lots more money that I do, please don't come over here just to say "spend more money, it's what they want", just give your own personal opinion. (Also, I'm NOT sking for better characters in the packs, just 1 or 2 more of the characters there already are there.)


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    They do. You can get whole characters from bronzium, which turn into a block of shards if you already have the character. Seems very rare... I've had two useless bits of rubbish that way. I think it was an ewok and a bunch of the red guard goon. I keep hoping for something awesome. One day. :)
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    There is always the chance that you will actually get a full character that if you don't have you will keep and if you do it will be converted into bonus shards. I would like the extra chance to get 2 or 3 shards like you said rather than the single shard.
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    I saved up 5.7k ally points and used them all last night. Got 2 full characters one was Ima-Gun Di. Other was talia which I already had and got 12 shards for it.
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    So far thanks to everyone for not replying "just spend lots of money to get more shards". I appreciate it.
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    I try save up my ally points but usually give in to temptation and spend them all. I once saved about 3k and only got gear items so it was hardly worth the wait in saving.
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