When I hear 'tank', I think of someone who soaks the damage. In this game, I see that as someone like Chewie who can Taunt and force others to attack him.

Now, thinking long term with respects to all content (arena, galaxy wars, etc), do you find taunting tanks useful or are they not worth the effort, especially since they seem pretty rare?
I know there's Stormtrooper, Chewie, and Stormtrooper Han that can Taunt. But that's it? I see threads with people saying to get Fives, he's a good tank. For most people, it seems a tank is high def/hp, not someone who redirects damage.

Would people recommend using Chewie until he can be replaced by Stormtrooper Han (who seems to have better damage/benefits), or Fives (decent damage + survivability), or scrap the tank idea altogether and just add what fits your synergy/build?

I'm not 40 yet, so I don't have galaxy wars unlocked. For reference, this is my team.
Light: Chewie (leader), Consular, Biggs, Jawa, Clone Seargent - p1
Dark: Talia (leader), First Order Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper, First Order TIE Pilot, Genosian Soldier
Combination: Talia (leader), Chewie, Consular, First Order Stormtrooper, Biggs


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    Taunt becomes less and less effective as you max out. That's not to say a good Evassive team wouldn't benefit from a taunter, but it really all depends where you want to go first.
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  • In this game, "tanks" also provide damage mitigation buffs to the party or debuffs on the enemies (e.g. like Ima-Gun and Old Ben).

    Taunt, if used properly, is ok, but since there really isn't any single-target healing other than self-heals in this game, you can't really use tanks in the "traditional" tank/heal/dps trinity sense.
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