So if the game crashes you're SOL?

I hadn't run into this problem before, but after spending 12 squad cantina energy, I was finishing up the 2nd part of the fight when my app crashed. I load it back up and energy gone, and I guess I'm just SOL. Great way to do it...


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    Yep. It's unfortunate, but it probably is that way to keep people from cheating the system by force closing if they are about to lose. Only happened to me a few times, and usually because I leave the app in the middle of a match, rather than it actually crashing.
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    How often have you ever lost a match though? I can think one or two times, and how many people are going to try and game those super rare instances? It wouldn't be so frustrating, but I paid crystals to refresh my energy, and then I get 10% of that basically stolen.
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    I started a thread about this last time asking that they give an in game warning that there will be server maintenance in 15 mins finish quickly and log out, they can also block people from logging in. they immediately closed the thread so it was not seen by many well after a couple of requisite JO trolls chimed in that is.
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