@EA_Jesse, can you shed some lights on current arena battle??

Since the update I kept losing to the same teams I have always beaten. Those are the same lineup's I have fought for over a month, they don't run QGJ and their power rating didn't change.
The key to my defeat, they do a lot more damage than before and I do less. Their 3* Poe can hit me with 3200 and 4* Boba can hit me with 4500, my 6* Poe max gear did not survive first round against hits from Sid/Lumi/Barriss/Phasma after I took out one of his toon already, which never happened before. It takes me forever to butcher down their guys when they just need 2-3 shots on mine.
Also, they have lots of extra attacks out of nowhere, once when me and opponent had same 3 toons left (Sid/Lumi/Phasma), opponent took 7 attacks on me before I even got my turn, I don't understand how that's possible.

I appreciate some kind of response. CG makes this game, so it's their call to make whatever changes they see fit, but at least let us know what that change is so we know what to expect when going to battle.


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