HAAT Guild UniKøRns has 1 Opening!

Originating from the KøR family of 10 Guilds (up to 30 guilds now), last October we set out to create a new guild that was capable of completing the new Heroic AAT. Mission accomplished as we are a top guild and most of us have had 7* GK for a long time now. We defeated HAAT in the first week it was available back in October and we were also one of the Top 5 Guilds for the month of November. We can beat HAAT in less than an hour and fewer than 30 people.

UniKøRns - We figure we are special, so we must be UniKøRns, right?! :wink:

*****DAILY 600 REQUIRED******
LINE chat participation is required.
Guild Reset Time is 10:30 PM Eastern
Active Players Only
If you don't want General Kenobi like so many people already have, please reach out to us on LINE. When contacting us for consideration, please include a link to your SWGOH.gg Profile!
Key - LineID: keyman64

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