Useless characters

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edited February 2016
My Phasma proc went off roughly once per full battle.

Poe dies easier. Way easier, turn reduction and expose hasn't changed much.

Pretty **** about two character I PAID for are now gonna sit on my bench.

Want to know why I haven't shelled out anymore cash? Let's just sit and think for half a second.

Think Yoda is gonna entice me to spend now? Um... No. I'll get him in time for free anyways. I see no huge benefit to paying for anything.

And ANY benefit is quickly evaporating.


  • My FO team is pretty screwed, especially since I didn't jump the yoda bandwagon. I also paid for the FA bundle. I was hoping more characters would offset the buyer's remorse, but that wasn't delivered. Don't know what I'm going to do for arena lol.
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