Tier 6 thrawn event

So here is my issues.
1st I can't land a single debuff on thrawn other than shred
Second a un dispellable buff getting dispelled by the death troopers in that same event.
Skill reads "cannot be dispelled or avoided" therefore it should land and stay on my character.
And my 3rd issue. Which is a 2 parter. First part stormtrooper is not an auto taunt tank. Secondly he doesn't have city immunity ever. And how come the storm trooper media guy gets to heal with a 1 turn cooldown? If that's the case release the toon for player use. Otherwise make it a 3 turn cool down like the other healers of the game.

I have had this event tier 6 down to 4v1 and yet thrawn just goes god mode resists every debuff and 1 shots everybody. Oh and cuter seems like 100% when he's alone. I can barely scratch his protection. I'm not complaining that it's hard. I'm pointing out all your bugs in this event. Oh and turn meter should count. They shouldn't be loaded with full turn meter as they just started moving.
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