Ships: jkdmike, Sil, SF Chronos, DieHarD, Dain Bramage, El Barto Punk, Dead Shot, Dave716, Ottomadux

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Looking for shipmates. Anyone out there?


  • El_Barto_Punk
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    Hi. El Barto here. 6pm EST payout (stupid me I put the squad arena time)
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  • SF Cronos here. Payout 8pm CET at the moment, Wintertime 7pm
  • Hey folks, I'm Stent. Also on a CET payout.
  • jkdmike
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    Hey there you three, so glad you found this. I wasn't sure how many shipmates would be on the forums but glad to have a few. Now that we got a few people here I'll try to check more often.

    I'm EST...(I'm guessing everyone's payout is 8pm and only difference is timezones) I don't always have a chance to play because I work during my payout time some days.

    I was changing my team around about every other day for a week but now I've pretty much just gone back to my original team most of the time.

  • Greetings! Sorry, was a little slow to search for this. Payout for me is 1 AM UTC / 8 PM MDT. If you guys want to do a discord, happy to join!
  • silvie
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    I think this is right, but feel free to correct - I will try to watch for updates
    • 01 PM CET / 08 AM EDT: Jojo
    • 08 PM CET / 03 PM EDT: Stent
    • 08 PM CET / 03 PM EDT: SF Chronos
    • 11 PM CET / 06 PM EDT: El Barto Punk
    • 01 AM CET / 08 PM EDT: jkdmike
    • 03 AM CET / 10 PM EDT: Sil
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  • Mines correct. Tho I haven't had time to play during my payout times in a while. Been working a lot lately so I've just been trying to play all 5 of my battles before my daily reset...and half the time I don't get all of them in. I usually get 2 days off work a week when I'll push harder for that top spot. Otherwise I'm basically at everyone's
  • I'm Jojo. My payout time is 2 pm CET, quite different from your period. However, glad to see you guys.

    PS. If my memory serves me right, EDT is 6 hours behind CET. Sorry if I misunderstand.
  • Hi @Guyver3 - Got you added in!
  • Silvie, I'm sorry. But after I search in internet, I know I give you wrong time. My time is GMT+7. So it should be 1 pm CET, right? I'm not sure.

    Thank you for your kindness.
  • No worries Jojo! I changed your time to 1pm CET / 8am EDT...that sounds right. If you know your timezone then it's easier to validate the conversion (ie Google 1pm CET to EDT).
  • Guys, Should we have discord/line group for this ship shard? Today i was sniped before my payout 20 minutes by someone above. Actually, my payout is far from most of you. I think it will be better if we can communicate our shardmate. I'm ok if you attack me during your payout because sometimes it's hard or impossible to climb up without hitting folks in our group.
  • Hope to see some response from most of you. I have both discord and line ID.
  • silvie
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    Agreed, it's going to get a little more intense now. I just created a Discord server for it. Edited link for a longer duration:
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  • jkdmike
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    I tried to join but the invite expired kind of fast. I've already been on Line for a long time. If anyone wants to start a line room (or if ones already started) just message me on Line. My screen name is the same....jkdmike If no room exists yet we will start one once someone contacts me. Or if it's easier drop me your screen name and I'll send a you a friend request.
  • silvie
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    Sorry jdkmike - I had set for 1 day. Try this one: <edited>
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  • Gotcha worked this time. Thanks
  • ottomaddux
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    wow im here late not putting up my time cuz you all hate me. for no reason i might add.
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  • jkdmike
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    I never hated you Otto. (: And glad you joined us on discord.
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