Question about Synergies

Is the basic idea/game mechanic that single toons inserted into any team should completely disrupt the opposing team's synergy? Because it feels/plays like a single toon added to any team completely breaks the opposing team's synergy.


Rex breaks Zader synergy because every crit grants TM.

R2 breaks Zaul synergy because the accuracy bonus means you almost never miss.

Pre-taunt characters break rebel synergy because they suck up that first strike damage.

And the list goes on. It seems like Team synergy should counteract team synergy as opposed to a single toon countering an entire team synergy (such as Zaul's evasion/TM gain team countering Zader's TM removal team, and Sith Trooper gaining taunt when sith abilities are used since there are sith toons as fast/faster than rebel toons now).

I dunno. Maybe it's just me. That just seems more like a well thought out game mechanic than introducing single characters who break entire teams.

Am I missing something? Besides a profit model?


  • crzydroid
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    But with some of the examples you listed, it's also a single character that creates that synergy in the first place.
  • A single character who isn't the leader? I think that is what I am getting at. Team synergy starts with a leader, then is cemented by the team you build. So the addition of Old Ben to a Zaul synergy creates a bonus to the team, but doesn't break another team's synergy. However, adding shoretrooper to a non-empire team basically makes your rebel team worthless.

    Now yes, you can sub in a Fett or someone else who can go first and dispel the taunt, but that disrupts the Rebel team synergy because it isn't a rebel toon. It creates a dynamic where teams are not a focus. Individual rooms you cobble together are the focus. Until they become too strong, then something else gets released that you have to pay to play and resets the board.

    But it's a team building game. The focus should be on Rebel, Resistance, Sith, Jedi, Phoenix, etc in terms of the R-P-S, whos synergy beats what.

    I am salty because by investments continually are rendered worthless almost as soon as I achieve them. And I read. I'm not building toons people aren't using. I'm just always one toon behind.
  • NicWester
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    That's basically it, yes. It's the silver bullet approach to balance and the follow-the-leader mentality. People don't want to do the work of figuring out a team, so they find what works and copy it. As that spreads far and wide the game gets stagnant and you can't rebalance the characters because people paid fir or earned them. You can't just add more better characters to be even stronger, because then you're just punting the problem down the road a littke ways.

    So you make a silver bullet character to counter the prevalent meta, but you make them well-rounded enough that they aren't ONLY good against that meta.
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  • Ugh. I hate this. And that 90% of my shard is Zaul. But my Zaul always misses all of theirs while theirs always hits all of mine.
  • NicWester
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    Ugh. I hate this. And that 90% of my shard is Zaul. But my Zaul always misses all of theirs while theirs always hits all of mine.

    Get you a garbage can robot who can do both!
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
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