Another Arena Zader Team

So I know there are already quite a few Zader posts, but I'm trying to make decisions on my current roster and what is easily obtainable.

So currently I am running this squad:


I want to make a couple changes to my current squad to get the most out of it in the arena. I am thinking of dropping TFP for Sid once I get him farmed and gear, but am not sure what to do after that. I really like both Shore and Thrawn, so that leaves EP. My options to replace him are Boba or Kylo as I missed out on the DN train and won't be able to get him in a reasonable amount of time.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Replace TFP with Boba. Eventually try to Zeta Boba its a huge help in arena.
    Zid is a great addition to this squad as well but I only use him in HAAT and Rancor.
  • So a potential team would be:


    Obviously would take me a while to get there as I am only at 4/20 for my second zeta. If that is the case, which of sid, Boba or Thrawn would make most sense for my second zeta?
  • DedrickRogue
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    Sid for sure, he's unusable without the zeta.

    Boba gets the following one, it's not necessary on him, but REALLY improves his survivability. He's really, really fun too.

    Thrawn is pretty incredible even without a zeta. So no rush there.

    Downside is you're gonna need some serious speed on Sid & Boba, so mod farming(potency & speed sets) will be necessary too.

    Edit: Do NOT sleep on TFP, that guy is amazing. He's certainly no worse then Zoba in arena, it really just depends on who you're facing. Keep working him as well, you won't regret it.
  • Zoba is great, i win with only him against vader and nihilus with ability block nihilus and the recover of protection, but usually isn't so amazing, and he can die easly if the rng attack him qith 2/3 power toon.
    I think death trooper is my best insert in zader team, is too strong against rebel and maxed isn't weak like tfp.
    Sid need zeta to play, but against chaze i prefer krennic to zid.
    If you play nihilus don't zeta him in zader team, before i zetad him i can beat anyone, now with the triple clease can i lose
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