Want HAAT But Don't Want to Be the New Guy?

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So you have what it takes to get 600 a day and be in a HAAT guild, earning Kenobi shards and tearing it up, but you don't want to be the one random new guy coming in because some dude quit the game. You want to be part of building something.

But on the flip side, you're not interested in coming into some brand new guild that's going to be a mess run by guys who if they were any good would be in a HAAT guild already instead of starting a new thing.

This is a reasonable point of view. We get it. We also have the solution.

The Empire is a community of 3 guilds. Not 14. Not 1. Just 3. One of those guilds - Empire Kashyyyk - was Top 3 on the World Leaderboard last month. The second - Mandalore - went from 0 members to clearing HAAT in 8 days. Yeah, 8 days.

Now we've started our third guild - Scarif. The officers are all people who have been crushing HAAT for months. The raiders are folks like you - people who have the squads and the desire to really do well at this game and have been held back by guilds run by slackers, jerks, and psychopaths.

So this is your chance to be one of the founding members of a guild and also start clearing HAAT on farm like it's no big deal within a week or two.

As a guild, and a community, we manage to strike a balance between doing really well at this mobile Star Wars game, while still remembering that it is in fact a mobile Star Wars game, and no one is curing cancer here.

Want in?

Here's what we want:
  • Players who get their 600 guild coins every single day like it's their video game job
  • Players who have 15+ G10 / G11 toons, and if any of those toons is Ugnaut, then that's an automatic pass
  • Players who want to raid, even if it's content they've beaten. We're not looking for 600 ticket, 0 posting place holders. We're looking for raiders
  • Players who aren't awful garbage people. That seems obvious, but we promise you it is not.
  • Players who are into a 9:15 eastern raiding time.
  • Players who are on Discord

Hop into our Discord and say hello. Tell them Dubin sent you: https://discord.gg/RTNVswj

Or just reach out to me directly:
Discord: Dubin#2481
Ally Code: 266-696-866

If you want to think it over, that's cool, but once we're full, we're full, and then when people message me I'm just going to laugh and them. Just laugh and laugh and laugh. And no one wants that. So drop me a note, and join the Empire.

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