Um...that Prize bracket is key tho.

Hello Holotable combatants!
This post is strictly to encourage you to NOT GIVE UP IN PVP due to another players Team power lvl being greater than your own!

This game is all about Strategy..sure there are characters that need fixing, but MAKE DO WITH WHAT YOU'VE GOT. There is always a pattern to disrupt and follow...unless you have Obi Wan(GG).

I started off at rank 45 in pvp this morning and man was I ****...I literally looked at my rank turned off the game and drove to work!

BY THE TIME I LEAVE WORK my rank is 60!!!
I'm like :'( .
After replenishing my battle tokens with crystals and cruising through my first 5 battles I'm down to rank 20.

At this point I'm like....."the Force is my Ally" :p
The timer is 25 minutes I start noticing...peoples levels are like 1000-4000 more than my own.
Sooo what do i do here?
My power level is a measly 9800 and you've got people in the 10000-13000.

"DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY" B) .. 25 minutes left I made sure I was in constant battle in hopes of not losing my rank bracket.
Utilizing time in PVP may seem like a useless thing...However this is the onlty reason why I got the bracket prize rank of 11-20!

Noticing how AI works and paying attention to turn meters in this game makes me laugh but apparently attack pattern Delta works for AI. ;) (i noticed some AI attacks are based off of enemy turn meter gauge)

I beat four people today whose team levels were considerably larger than my own and made it to rank 16 from 60 with only leveling from 40 to 41.

The team I used for this feat includes:
****Ima-Gun Di(Leader)
****Mace Windu(Good Counter to Chewy's taunt) Made sure I finished off people.
**** Jedi Consular(Heals)
***Count Dooku(Counter Guru)
***Talia( I want to get rid of her so bad)
Timing her heal and syncing it with the Jedi Consular's is the only reason why this was possible.

So yea don't give up watch your AI fight sometime you will learn something!

Thank you for wasting your time to read this post.
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