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Please note this is not fully live, but should fully propagate in the next couple days.

Hiya! You peep that update? What's up with that? Well read on, dear reader, read on!

The Power rating has long been a prominent display of a unit's general effectiveness. Though this rating is intended to be a useful way to quickly identify how strong a unit is, it has become less and less effective for this purpose over time. This is primarily due to the formula being based entirely on the raw base stats of the unit, which doesn't account for its utility, ability levels, or synergies. Furthermore, higher gear tiers that have been added since launch, as well as the existence of mods, have resulted in large gaps in Power rating even between units that are similarly effective in combat, simply due to the way that certain stats are weighted relative to others in the formula.

In the interest of making the Power formula more reliable as a reference point for a unit/ship's effectiveness, we’ve modified the formula to recognize every upgrade made to a unit. Here are some of the changes coming:

Power now includes every form of unit upgrade including:
  • Characters: Level, Gear pieces, Mod tier and upgrades, Ability upgrades, and Star rating
  • Ships: Level, Ability upgrades, Crew Power, and Star Rating (which acts as a multiplier on Crew Power, just like it does for stats)
The value of any one of these upgrades will be the same for all units (e.g., raising a unit to level 85 will be worth the same amount of Power for all units.)
Units earn power for every upgrade and earn more power from higher tier upgrades. e.g.:
  • Upgrading from Level 40->41 is less valuable than Level 80->81
  • A tier X piece of gear is worth much more Power than a tier V piece of gear
  • A level 5 ability upgrade is worth less than a level 8 ability upgrade
  • One special case is that a Zeta ability upgrade at level 8 is worth much more than an Omega ability upgrade of the same level.

Due to the way the new Power formula scales, the Power ratings of your units will generally be as high or higher than the Power rating you saw before (with the exception of ships with very few upgrades on the crew or the ship itself, which will be noticeably lower until the crew has a few upgrades.) As a reminder, the Power stat is not used to drive any battle functionality whatsoever--it is purely intended to be a reference point--but we still feel these updates are important to help players better evaluate the improvements they're making to their units, and how effective their units are relative to potential opponents.
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    Regarding Galactic War match making:
    • We're not yet currently using the new Power values for Galactic War matchmaking.
    • We've only changed the number displayed to players. We're still using the old system with the old values.
    • We'll let you know if/when we switch to using the new numbers for matchmaking.

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