Is this a bug?

I was running Thrawn under a Phasma lead. Used fracture on Old Ben and R2 was called to assist. The icon above Ben's head popped up showing he was fractured before the assist was called, but he still dodged R2's attack. Even though it was on an assist immediately following the fracture, it seems strange that a fractured enemy would be able to dodge. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it WAI?


  • Riffinator
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    Yes this is WAI the fracture move cannot be evaded any other attack on a fractured toon works the same
  • I guess I assumed that a fractured enemy can't dodge because they can't counter, assist, gain TM, etc. Also I've never seen a fractured enemy dodge an attack before but that doesn't mean much. Am I just completely mistaken?
  • Hskull55
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    Yes, a fractured enemy can evade. I think it's WAI
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  • ddlooping2
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    Personally I'd rather a Fractured enemy wasn't able to dodge, that'd make more sense, no? :)
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