OP Rebels- A Disney requirement?

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I was thinking about starting another SW game and I was interested in SW Commander produced by Disney. I looked it up and the first comment (in romanian) I saw was someone complaining about how the rebels are OP and how unplayable is the imperial faction. That was the last time I looked at that game, this game is enough for that.
But that got me thinking, is it a coincidence or is this a trend? Should I just ignore all the SW online games?
And, going by the last year and the anounced arrival of Jedi Luke, how much of a future does a user of a DS team has in this game?


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    There's been no announced arrival of Jedi Luke. And zMaul teams were meta for a long time.
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  • If by a long time you mean a couple of months then sure. Regardless of that, even then Chaze were still good enough, with Rex true, to get you 1st. And even then, like now, outside of high arena rebels reigned supreme, there never was a meta shift at lower levels. If you add their accesibility and viability without needing great mods and zeta, and great utility in raids, and many rebel oriented events, the rebel bias should be evident to anyone.
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