Game Update 6/29/2017

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Greetings Holotable Heroes!

CG_RyDiggs standing in for Kozi to announce another small update for all you Raiders!

Players who tie for raid rewards will now be ranked RANDOMLY

Any raids completed after 4:30PM Pacific will have this new functionality.

Previous behavior: Players who tied for raid rewards would be ranked alpha-numerically by player ID number. This would cause guilds to have the same player rankings across raids.

Now, when the raid completes, any players who tie will be randomized as to their ranking.

NOTE: If you have a few members, you still have a chance to randomly order as before. For example, if 3 players tie for the top position, they COULD randomly and coincidentally still order alpha-numerically.

However, over time, you'll see that this is in fact random.

Fight on Holotable Heroes!


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