Give them credits !

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I will not say everyone is complaining about what coming but a lot of members from this community are.
And as far as I'm concern it's not something I would do considering that most of you are wrong :

Devs are not listening to us ! -> False, if they weren't it wouldn't be an Ewok month. People are asking for complete faction (Ewok are only 4). Then a lot of people were asking for Wicket, the little puppy. So yes, they do listen to us, even if it's not what you want, it what a part of this community want, such as an Empire cleanser was asked.

This game is about farming and RNG -> Flash events. Two words summarizing what you were asking for : good mods, full gear, zetas, etc... And yet, some of us are complaining about this like if it's not good enough for them. Yes, you have to gear toons and to mod them. I did this event with a lvl 70 phoenix squad, all G8 and with meh mods. I've got a 17 speed mod from this event, a zeta, a stun cuff, a mk 5 furnace, almost 50 carbanti III (and trust me you might not be happy with it but you should, this is clearly a rare piece of gear nowadays).

We want new content -> For this one, I cannot say anything, it's true we have nothing new yet. Remember this leak on Reddit ? It might come soon enough and for those who couldn't watch it, the surprise will be even better. Any way, it was not a complete leak as well, we have not all pieces of informations so W&S !
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