Why Phoenix is a Great Starting Team for New Players, and how to do it. [Guide]

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Hello Holo Table Champions!

Today we have our first community content creator guide. We are here at the Academy are always looking for ways to engage the universe and this was a topic a lot of people have requested.

I would like to thank @JacenRoe for his hard work on putting together a comphrensive guide to Phoenix Squadron farming and starter gear strat for new players.

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    Specifically we're talking about Hera, Ezra, Zeb, Kanan, and Chopper. As the title says any new player who starts from scratch today would have a hard time doing better than getting a full Phoenix squad right out of the gate before anything else. Even though people dismiss them against top level arena squads they have huge value early on. Why?

    They are cheap and easily accessible. There are no full teams with synergy as strong as Phoenix available that quickly to new players. Even if you don't want to max them out, or just don't like the characters (I happen to love the Rebels cartoon) everyone has to get some characters early to get them through to the point where they can farm higher level characters.

    I don't use my gear 8 Jedi Consular any more for instance, but he paid for himself a hundred times over in the early days when he was all I had. Phoenix can do so much, and costs so little. And they can do a lot at just gear 8, which is easily attainable. By the time you get close to the level cap, and start having to decide who to take to gear 9,10, and 11 you may decide that you've outgrown them, or you can push them to max if you like them. Regardless, everyone should get them to start if they want to get the most out of their resources spent. What can they do?

    1. Galactic War

    In the early days just surviving galactic war every day is a challenge. Those credits, crystals, and GW currency are vital early. A Phoenix squad has decent damage, the ability to daze/stun opponents, multiple ways to deal with debuffs, 2 taunters, 2 dispellers, free turn meter boosts on every special, and free recovery of health, and (the big one) PROTECTION on every turn. Not only do they have the tools to deal with a wide variety of teams, but they are on a short list of teams that can recover protection allowing them huge survivability in GW.

    2. Multiple free legendary characters

    A Phoenix squad is required to get Thrawn, one of the best toons in the game. They are also Rebels, so they meet the requirements to get Palpatine, also an amazing character. Two of the Phoenix members are also Jedi, which puts you 2/5 of the way toward the 5 Jedi needed to get Yoda (he's just decent, but he's still free). And once you get Palpatine, and Thrawn (both Empire toons) from having Phoenix you are 2/5 of the way to getting R2 who is also one of the best toons in the game. So those 5 Phoenix toons are a gateway to multiple legendary characters, and the free crystals/credits that come with them.

    3. Other stuff

    Obviously the same incredible survivability that allows them to get through GW daily helps get them through light side battles, and cantina battles pretty easily. They definitely punch above their weight allowing you to get deep into both in your early days with minimal resources. They can make for a decent arena squad for a while. They will cover the health mod challenges, tenacity mod challenges, and 2/5 of the defense mod challenges. And you'll always have a decent squad to throw in against the raids. All in all no other 5 characters can do all that.

    So, where and how do we go after these characters, and what other pieces do you need to round all of your needs early on?

    Well to the last part of that question, you need a dark side team, you need three more Jedi, and you need to get through the credit, and training droid heists. So to the first part of the question, here is a good farming plan early to accomplish all of that.

    Hard nodes: Boba Fett, and Chewbacca (Chewie just to 5* for heists)

    Cantina nodes: Hera, Ezra, Lando, and TIE Fighter Pilot.

    Cantina Shipments: Chopper, Boba Fett, QGJ, and Stormtrooper.

    Arena Shipments: Kanan, IG-88, Tarkin, and Mace.

    Galactic War Shipments: Zeb, Luminara, Cad Bane (Cad only to 5* for heists), and Phasma.

    This plan allows you within the first couple of months to acquire:

    Hera, Zeb, Ezra, Kanan, Chopper for light side battles, cantina, GW, health mods, tenacity mods, Thrawn event, and Palpatine event. (Don't farm tenacity mods at least early, but unlock them for free crystals)

    Boba Fett, Palpatine, IG-88, Tarkin, Phasma for you initial dark side team. (If you like you'll be able to work in TFP, Thrawn, and Vader as you acquire them.)

    Boba Fett, IG-88, Lando, Chewie, Cad Bane for heists, and crit chance mods.

    QGJ, Luminara, Mace, Ezra, Kanan for the Yoda event, and defense mods. (Defense mods aren't great, but beating all three tiers of health and defense unlocks the full potential of the mod shop.)

    Palpatine, TFP, Stormtrooper, Tarkin, Thrawn for the R2 event, and potency mods. (Note: If the R2 event comes before Thrawn which is most likely, you can use Vader as your 5th Empire toon who you should easily have to 5-6* by then.)

    What next? From this point you have a good base to start. More game modes, shipments, and characters will be available to you, and you'll have a good income of resources with which to build. The meta will likely be different by then, and you'll have a better feel for the game, so it will be a good time to assess what arena team you want to build. Now will be the time to start pushing characters to gear 9, and beyond. Also you will be ready to work towards unlocking other mods, and building teams for both raids.

    You may choose never to push the whole Phoenix faction past that initial stage that got you started. (Gear 8/9 or so) But they are a doorway to getting a fast start in the game as it is now, and the best bang for your buck.
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