Heroic Pit and NAAT 6 preparing for HAAT

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Guild Name – Rebel One

Timezone – US (7:30pm CST Reset)

We want to see:

- 600/600 Daily Contribution and follow either Guild chat or LINE.
- Be working towards teams that are capable of HAAT.
- Level 85 and ready or near ready for HAAT.

We run Heroric Pit with a 24 hour 0 damage then all in. Usually finished in 15 to 20 minutes.

We currently run T6 Tank's with Phase 1 and 2 on day one then 3 and 4 all in. HAAT coming soon.

We have great team players who are willing to help and we get that family and work are more important. We just ask for communication.

PM me to chat about joining.

Join the Rebellion!
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  • Hello I am currently looking around for a new guild, Im good for 600 tixs daily and strive for guild activity's, current guild I'm in has fantastic base players but only ever seems to be 15 active and only 7 participate, I'm lvl 85 and have a couple solid rebel crews and a sith group on the go, but as you know gearing is hard with under 200GP a day coming in, anyways let me know if there is room, thanks.
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    Thanks. Sounds like you are motivated :-)

    Do you have LINE? Ceth Senpai PTY is my screen name.

    Ally code 138-231-745

    Will take a quick look at your toons and let you know after you acknowledge to keep guild chat on for at least a bit so the rules are clear. LINE will be used for coordinating HAAT.

  • hnspty
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    Zetas are flowing at Rebel One. Zauls, Zylos, Zaders, et. al.

    Are you about ready for HAAT? Pay attention on guild chat?

    Contact us today.
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