Game Update 6/30/2017: Updated 5:15PM Pacific

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Game Update 6/30/2017

Hello Holotable Heroes!

We're rolling out an updated version of the game in Google Play and App Store. This new version will provide fixes for:
  • Pink blocks on some units (missing art assets)
  • Ship reinforcements sometimes not being brought into the fight

We'll be doing a game restart to ensure all players are on the new version when we have confirmation we've achieved global coverage.

Feel free to check your store for the new version if you'd like to update earlier :wink:

Fight on heroes!


UPDATE: 5:15PM Pacific


Hello again Holotable Heroes!

Unfortunately, worldwide server propagation is taking longer than expected. Additionally, this is the start of a holiday weekend in the US. As such, we are going to choose the path of prudence and postpone forcing players to update until next week.

You can still update the game by visiting the App Store or Google Play and updating manually.
NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend using WIFI to download the update. We have updated core functionality that requires you to re-download a significant portion of the game. Normal cellular data downloads could take a long time or have dropouts.

NOTE: After upgrading from App Store or Google Play, you may experience a hang at startup on the Lucasfilm / Disney splash screen. This hang is caused by the game client updating some critical assets.

Please wait for the splash screen to disappear and do not force close the application during this hang.

Thank you all for your patience. We look forward to bringing you more information and updates as soon as we can!


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    This update has been rolled onto both platforms, but the forced update is not live yet. Please note that you can manually update the app from the App Store if you so choose.
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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