Finish this team..

zMaul(L), zNihilus, zSavage, zBarriss, ???

Wanted to try something a bit different with Barriss but not sure who to plug in 5th here. Another Sith? Tank? B2? zKylo? Can't quite decide what would work best so looking for opinions. I'm thinking I do want someone a little tanky to benefit from Barriss but what you guys think?Thanks.


  • 9r33d0
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    SA, is a siths best friend.
  • 9r33d0 wrote: »
    SA, is a siths best friend.

    I have her but she's never impressed me tbh. I hate how she ignores protection with healing being such a big thing nowadays with Chaze & such. Against cleanse teams her stun is pretty useless most of the time. The only thing she's good for is for a slight speed bump. Just don't like her
  • Riffinator
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    Sith trooper
  • Poxx
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    Drop Bariss and add Sith Assassin and Sith Trooper.
  • Poxx
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    zBariss performs best when paired w/ tanky jedi and clones under GK (L), zBariss, 5's, Ezra, Aayla/zzR2
  • DarthApok
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    Poxx wrote: »
    Drop Bariss and add Sith Assassin and Sith Trooper.

    I use both of them now. Looking to change things up with Barriss just to see how it goes.
  • So barriss just gets exploded? How's this supposed to work?
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