Lack of training droids

hi guys, i've noticed that around lev 43 it starts to be difficult to keep more than 7/8 heroes at max level.. Is it a mine problem only ?
For example, now i am at lev 43 and i have only 6 char at 43, then i have 3 heroes at 41, and a bunch of chars ten levels behind..
Actually i have only only 28** and 58***..
Is someone in my same situation?
Ps sorry for my bad english.


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    Mentally prepare yourselves all global launch friends, the 50-60 grind gate is here. It's not meant to drive you nuts, but definitely to slow your progression on hitting the current cap so you don't 'get bored too soon' while they prepare more content.

    It's meant to work like that. The credits and training droids required will spike up like crazy for a single level from 50 to 60, if you are feeling it in the 40s, mentally prepare yourself for the last dash to 60 cap soon. That's when people experience a huge change in progression speed. At best, you can only keep 4-5 characters at the pace you level, that or you start spending crystals on energy refills to do the credit and training droid 50 energy event.

    That my fellow jedi friends, is the next 'pay to skip grind gate'. It's entirely possible to F2P through it, I did live through that period without spending too. But most impatient individuals will definitely voice out soon, and loudly so. BTW, even if you pay, you are looking at dropping hundreds of dollars just on energy refill, even the payers will feel the hurt for the 'race to 60 and purple gear grind'

    As predicted, 'gears are too hard to farm' topics are already appearing. The next would be credit and training droid crunch time.
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    That saying, I'll start a new thread on this topic soon, to give suggestions and advice on how best to plan ahead during the 50—60 phase
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