Player Spotlight! July Edition

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Greetings Again Holo Table Champions!

We have an ewokin spotlight this month as we bring you ChewyJohnson of Guild Defenders of Endor, nominated by his fellow players for dedication to his team and overall positive nature!

We had a chance to sit down with ChewyJohnson and take some great highlights away to bring you just why his fellow players admire him!

What was the first game you remember playing ?
Oh boy about to date myself. It was Pong but Atari came out and Frogger consumed my youth!
What do you love & enjoy the most about SWGOH?
The artistic graphics for a mobile game drew me in. The collecting of and building up favorite chars from favorite franchise made me an addict. My guild (Tribe) is what I love/enjoy most.
I heard you were an original player then left for a bit to come back, that is really interesting - how was it coming back after being gone? What did you focus on or experience
It was overwhelming at first! I had missed new raid launch, ships, mods, tournaments, and lots of free char releases. I was level 80 so focused on leveling up and mods. Was lucky to have BH team already so credit heist was a great new feature! My tribe had heroic raids on farm and REALLY helped guide me back to success. I now have Zetas on farm and some good mods. It's difficult to come back and realize #1 in arena is going to be a challenge but I'm finding it's a lot of fun climbing the ranks again! My only advice to returning players is to find a great guild to help you. Share your highs and lean on them through lows!
Sounds like the ewok guild is a huge part of your experience?
Huge shout out to my amazing Tribe DoE! From it's easy going Chief, it's hard working Elders ( especially you High Priestess) and very fun tribe members, you all are a pleasure to play with and I'm proud to be a part of it! Brace yourselves. Ewoks are coming!
What char do you most want to see in SWGOH?
I'd like to see Rebel Chewie or Wicket. Might be getting my wish soon! Looking forward to this ewok pass!
Finally..... Who do YOU think Snoke is?
Haha Snoke conspiracy. I was around for the Vader/Father conspiracy! Now that's how it was done back in the day!

Remember to submit your choices from your guild to me in Direct Messages!, We are looking for the best and valued from your ranks to promote next month!
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