Zidader alternative subs.

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I'm trying to help team mates to make a dent on HAAT P2, and there's a general love for zVaders in my guild. While I'm working on a classic (zVader, Sid, Boba, Phasma, Tusken Shaman), not everybody has been building up for this team.
I've found that some have Nightsister Initate and Gamorrean Guard at 7* and good gear. And I wonder, since they put DoT on its basic, if they couldn't sub Tusken Shaman/Phasma with Ewok Elder/Gamorrean or NI. Would this enable at least to hit their 2%?


  • ilNomad
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    Gamo Guard isn't going to help too much I don't think, since his taunt and retribution is going to get dispelled pretty easily. Not sure about the others.
  • Baldusi
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    He doesn't go there for his Taunt and Retribution. It's there for the double DoT on his basic.
  • Keldo
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    Is there a replacement for Shamen?
  • Baldusi
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    I'm using Boba Fett and Ewok Elder while I finish farming and gearing my Tusken. zVader, Sid and Phasma are not optional.
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