Need more time in the Arena.

With all the healers in the game 50%+ of my battles time out. I don't understand why its timed at all. Can someone please explain.


  • I remember something about your account being locked while you are in arena so other players cant attack you in that timeline. I think that is why...
  • I like the timing. It increases the difficulty and adds a bit more excitement in trying to beat the timer.

    Plus if you don't put a timer. Everybody just stacks heals and then the games take forever. I prefer it this way.
  • The timer and the animation is an issue. Now i know you can go auto but the ai is very dumb when it comes to healing your team, so i don't like that option. I got a few draws since playing and its usually because i have to sit and watch 3-4 secs of a person healing or old daka performing her 30 sec attack lol. Either increase the timer or speed up certain characters animations. Subscribe and follow me here Home to Team Instinct
  • Why shouldn't the animations be part of the game strategy? You yourself say you've had a few draws. The point is then either not attack those types of teams or build yours up to counter.

    It's seems like every time there is an obstacle, people want dev changes to make it easier.

    I can usually beat most teams within 3 minutes and I spend the remaining 2 minutes waiting to kill the last character so I am not vulnerable to people sniping my rank. I most definitely disagree with increasing the timer.
  • This game is a game that lets people pick their style of battle. One can go with a team of healing/attacking Jedis, or have a team of tanks, stack healers, or go all out with offense. The arena time limit, however, limits what one can do to basically heavy attacking groups. Its infuriating for those who want to participate in arena battles but cannot because the battle ends just before you can get the last guy, or before you can set up the killing blow. The enemy can set it up to be very difficult with tanks and healers, but you cannot do much other than use what you have. And many people set up their teams differently. The game gives the appearance that the player, with a little work and lots of patience, can set up their dream team. Then they limit how that with an important part of the game, and it can be infuriating. I see the benefits of it, but I don't think that that is fair.
  • Well the timer is fine for now, even when I run a defensive team 5 minutes is fine and I almost always have 1 min+ remaining
  • the only character that slows time is stupid dooku with his endless counter attacks and increased proc chance of AI
  • J7000
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    I added a little dps to my team and this is never a problem for me anymore. I'm not saying there is no problem but I'm more scared of a "fix" than I am the "problem'. Removing animations as a choice sounds pretty nice though
  • Build a better team, 5 mins is ample time.
  • I agree too, 5min is enough.
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  • We all have to deal with the time limitation, build your team accordingly.
  • Randall
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    Lowest I got to was 5 seconds due to a particularly tanky team but normally am done in 2 to 3 minutes.
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    That's enough
    Cuz Everyone is on the same condition
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