Ima-gun di

Many ppl have Ima-gun di. Was there a pack to buy before i started to play? Or is he only in the Chromium packs?


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    Many ppl have Ima-gun di. Was there a pack to buy before i started to play? Or is he only in the Chromium packs?
    Although very rare, I'm not sure if there's a limit to who you can fimdnin a Bronzium pack.

    Other than that every other way to find a Hero or shards can be seen when you select the "find" menu qhen viewing a Heroes stats.
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    Data pack only. He really only shines in a full jedi counterstrike team and that team will cost you your first born child. In any other team while he is still good he isnt great by any means. His shining star is his counter chance leadership ability. That's it.
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    I would imagine he will be a staple in a arena defense only team pairs with plo, obi and two healers. Defense for days. Like WhipiT said he is expensive / time consuming to max.
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    You can farm his shards at higher levels.

    I got mine from Chromium packs, but he is rare even from those.

    If you manage to snag him and decide to go with a Jedi based team... Here are the easy to get Jedi:

    Counciler ... Super easy to farm.. Cantina Battles 3A
    Luminari.. Galactice war + farmable
    Mace Windu... Cantina Battles 4A makes him easy to farm.
    Ashoka ... You can get her from cantina shipments
    Eoth Koth... Droid killer that you can get from squad arena shipments.

    Barriss is farmable late game, but it is slow going.

    Hope this helps.

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    He is only farmable in one campaign map. That's it. Not in any shipments.

    When you want to know where you can farm a character bottom right of there screen and right, above train you'll see find. Click that and it will show every place to get the shards for that character
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    I have Ima Gun and geared him up to 7. He's very useful in GW but in PvP, I usually don't go 100% Jedi. When I've put him as a leader (level ability 5); it seems like the counters don't come as fast when I have him with like Dooku and Sid. GW, good deal and useful against any game droid battles but PvP, I might use him instead of Chewie since he has a good defense ability for all players.

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