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So the Poe mislead/miscommunication/mistake ticked me off as my posts showed. Can't deny that. The nerf itself did not as I suggested that fix many times, just the misleading notes did. Just so we are clear. Now on to the reason of this.

Speed: I can't tell you how much I love this change. No more RNG lotto. The number rating means more than simply filling a pool up. It allows try strategy in building your team, and crafting against your opponent. Sure ties are the lotto, but I can live. After the announce by @EA_Jesse I went and spent 50 crystals to test it out. It worked as advertised and made arena far more interesting and fun. I LOVE this change. 10/10

Bonus Energy: This is just plain cool. As one who buys many refills a day the 135 bonus energy each day is just awesome. I hope that down the road we can see similar on Cantina. Regardless this is sweet. 10/10

Red Data Card: Yes it is LTO but the free creds are nice. I got a few hundred K just for playing, very cool.10/10

Key Cards: While I thought they were a bit steep, the new way is far worse. 110k was 50 energy. Now for 24 energy 8,400 with a chance for a 3x multiplyer. The ROI went waaaay down and this is simply a terrible deal So I think this was very bad. Best case 25,200 for 24 energy when you got 110k for 50 before. Major downgrade I hope they will look at. 0/10

Event: The Yoda event is just sweet. While I left most my Jedi rotting as they were not viable I'll not be ablke to 6 or 7* first go, that is on me. The event is awesome sounding, and come on it is freaking Yoda!!!! 10/10

AV: Ok the look and effects are so much cooler. Lumi's stance is sweet. The effects asre awesome. The new battle locations are awesome. The sounds are just so cool. I love it. 10/10

Character balance/change(I'll not list everyone so yes some missed): All in all I think it was good. The health steal fix is very cool. Ventress Dispel working as intended is SICK. She was slow, lower HP, but now is still slow, but her sustainability with health steal and dispel is something. FOTP is no longer a Glass cannon coated in steal. Phasma leader now works as intended(not a nerf a fix) Poe had a lot done expose and tenacity down, the 142 speed. Aside from the mislead Poe got what was needed, (see speed above) Still viable and solid in arena high level, for now at least. QGJ, that leader ability turn 1 is a game changer. His speed, plus fast cooldown, plus hard hit, plus TM manipulation, plus debuff positive(taunt) I see him being the next nerf outcry. Opress is a character, as those who knew me early on in early December, is a character I loved early on. He hit good, had big health, semi quick. Loved him. Then he, like Chewie, lost use around 40ish. Neither made it past 50. So I tried him post buff and found he is decent again, so have begun his leveling and gearing up. I'll 5* gear 7 LVL 70 him and decide. Really have to have one at least there to make a true call. Many others had bugs fixed and tweaks that improved them. 9/10 Would be 10/10 if not for setting the stage for QGJ to be the next nerfing at the stake and the misinformation. Given those 2 things to still be 9/10 means they really did awesome.

New information(seeing full squad, who uses what gear, shard info, ect): What can I say but I love it. How many times I had to backtrack to see if I was at 17 or 19 on the purple gear, was it 46 or 49, or done? I just love it. Same with the character farming. Shows how many collected, awesome. The arena view I was on the fence about. I find I like it as you can really be more strategic now. It can lead to targeting, yes, though it can also detour it. My team is lowest power in the top 10, maybe 20, but I'm no more targeted. Anyone who understands synergy and team building can see I built a team that the new speed system favors as they work in succession very well. In our cupboard I love seeing the progress it helps a lot. One thing I'd love to see down the road is ability to sort your characters by speed as you can by power, health, ect. I think that would be a huge help. 10/10

Overall: I know I was very angry on the mislead in the notes. My posts show that. I speak my mind and from the heart. If you notice I did positive posts while I was mad also. I though am one who can say ok it's cool the full change is awesome. My posts were before the speed system change announcement came. All in all this update was amazing. It added strategy and diversity, which are things I, and many others based on posts, love and want more of. Despite the whole Poe thing I can say 10/10 on the update and say THANK YOU you made the game a heck of a lot better.


  • Cool story bro
  • Why open another topic? It's hard enough to track certain posts. Could you merge it...
    439-259-888 I have a bad habit of editing my typo's after posting
  • CronozNL wrote: »
    Why open another topic? It's hard enough to track certain posts. Could you merge it...

    I'm closing the other. The hate over there was just unreal. Go die? Really,lol. I posted the review here.
  • I agree completely. If CG had been honest in original update notes so much vitriol could have been avoided. But the misleading update notes poisoned the well.
  • It happens. The update though is sweet.
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    Nice post. Agree the update is really nice, and I never used Poe so didn't affect me personally but can understand why the lack in communication irked people.

    I love seeing teams in Arena, at first I felt as though it would really hurt me but not much has changed. If I fall more I'm able to climb just as easily so no change in ranking, but I'm switching my team up more which is much more enjoyable.
  • I have to agree with your entire post...even though the Poe nerf hurts me much more than others(86, 88)
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