Need some help from experts with current PVP team :D

Hi guys...having a dilemma over my current choice of team...apologise for dual post cos i figured out i posted in the wrong forum category previously. Any mod around please assist to delete my initial post thanks!

Currently lvl 40 with the following...

1. 4* Sidous
2. 4* Cad Bane
3. 4* Savage Opress
4. 3* Dooku
5. 3* Talia
6. 2* going 3* Consular
7. 3* IG-88

Was wondering if anyone can give some advice to which 5 i should pick for the PVP team...

is Sid,dooku,opress,consular & Cad viable if I go only 1 healer till i get Lumi?


  • Qeltar
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    That's a good offensive team but not very defensive. Against a good opponent your Consular will be taken out quickly and then there is no healing. There's also no real tank. They aren't bad characters but I am not sure how you will do against more defensive teams. Luminara will help.. a lot.
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  • I personally woulkd go with Sid leader, Dooku, Savage opress, Cad bane and Consular. When attacking in pvp cad bane can be helpful in destroying the enemies healers as most healers peopel use are jedi, great stun too. Talia isnt a great healer since she damages herself to heal, and anyone attackign you will just kill her first if she is your only healer makigng her useless. From there I would either swap the consular with Luminara when you get her, or swap lumi with cad. I say swap her out with Cad primarily because you can not get shards for cad outside of packs so he is hard to rank up, while opress can be farmed with awards.
  • Cad Bane is abit squishy though...hope to swap him out asap :D
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