Meta of the speed leaders - What direction will you go?

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We are in the midst of a meta shift and I am wondering where the chips are going to fall.

If you haven't yet read about it these are probably the most impactful changes to the game with the new update

Speed, prior to this update, was not incredibly precise (hence the grouping of units of close Speed characters into a Tier).
Speed is now very precise and 1 point of Speed over another character guarantees the initial turn order.
Only in the case of an exact tie is it a coin toss.

Please refer to the linked post, dooku and Sid still lead the pack (not taking into consideration yoda as he's not released at the time of this post). However turn order changes depending on speed leaders please refer to the post lined below

So will you be aiming for a new kind of speed team? If so who? If not why not?

Meta of the speed leaders - What direction will you go? 23 votes

QGJ Jedi
azraelPoerliShanksRogan_Ban84YendorDarth_MaximusHeezyyyySchmohawkmoongodJohnnyMakeBelieveRyanRossiJohnnyudesCookieCrispp 13 votes
Ackbar rebel
DarthNicoGillychimiXchanga 3 votes
Assajj night sister
Wjprberg 1 vote
Lobot Droid
Sticare_Courts_0073 1 vote
Tarkin Empire
TakPmanRingo 2 votes
Lando Scoundrel
Other/haven't decided/waiting for Yoda
dc2484PlasmajM9silent 3 votes


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