Forty minutes until yoda!!

I've been grinding for my 5* jedi team since the update was announced and I've managed to get all but ashoka and Mace up! I just need 2 shards for ashoka and about 20 for Mace..... Think it can be done this time around? I have a week don't I?

Im concerned that we are going to get one * rank a day which gives me 5 days, is that likely to be the case?


  • Here's to hoping that the event isn't one stage per day. I actually was hoping it would be 5 stages per day. Allows prepared players to seven star him day two, allows anyone still farming to get him on the last day if need be.
  • I hope so :smiley: I won't be able to get him today but I'll definitely be able to get enough for four stars... I've just at looked in need 10 for Mace so maybe tommorrow diffinatly the day after. It'll be weeks before I can 7 * him though. I've got two at 7, one at 6 and two at 4 at the moment
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