Heroic AAT Vader team: what are the different flavors?

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I still run what I think was the original Vader(Z) squad for Heroic AAT (P2):
The plain Vanilla:
  1. Vader (Z) (lead)
  2. Sidious (Z)
  3. Tusken shaman
  4. Phasma
  5. Boba Fett

With good mods (speed +80/+100), this runs into the 5mil damage, but with normal mods, can easily drop into the 1mil range with poor RNG (my Shaman has a bad track record of dying even before he has the chance to think of using his heal).

I know some prefer the Coconut flavor:
- Ewok Elder i/o Boba Fett
I've tried it and couldn't get a decent time-to-topple thanks to the furball's pathetic damage, so I gave up.

But I'm sure there are plenty others, given that the 2 last ingredients above are not critical (Phasma's damage isn't much better than the Ewok's, and she's really only used for guaranteeing a crit on Vader's blade; Boba's DoTs don't count for much, but his Execute has very noticeable damage).

Anyone knows of other flavors that would make either higher damage, or less RNG and/or mod-dependent runs?

Jyn? Bistan? FO Officer?

PS: The main tank is immune to TM removal, but are the 3 turrets as well?
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