Vader or Boba?

Boba 7* G8
Vader 5* G8

I run DN(L), EP, dooku, Sith trooper and Vader atm should I replace Vader with Boba?


  • Vader has much better synergy with your team then boba. Though neither one is worth a hill of beans at gear 8. Untill you gear them up more it probably won't matter much, lower tier arena is much different then meta tier arena, just try em out and see how they do. 5 free attempts per day ;)
  • Rey23
    13 posts Member
  • Do you see a lot of Chaze yet? That would be the only thing with that team that would make me thing Boba is better since he can ignore the taunt and Execute is pretty useful for countering. You already have a dispel in Nihilus, so it might not be that important.

    What's your current rank? I saw a lot of this comp in arena and built a team to counter it I got so sick of it (Wiggs + K2). The key is really gear level and defense on Trooper and maybe gear level and tenacity on Dooku. A gear 11 Dooku is still annoying to me with all of the counter + bonus and if you can't stick Daze and/or Heal Immunity on him he gets annoying very quickly.
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