Hoth Chocolate 210 mil GP (26* DSTB) is recruiting active players!

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I am the Leader of Hoth Chocolate, and we are recruiting active members that are eager to grow in the game. We are heavily pushing towards Geo TB (Both LS & DS) are are recruiting active players that are efficient in TB/TW.

We are looking for dedicated members that are farming characters needed for the new TB!

We offer:
  • Detailed strategy in TW
  • Discord server with great resources
  • Quick donations
  • Easily complete all Heroic Raids
  • Average 28,000+ raid tickets a day when full
  • Max* on LSTB and 47* on DSTB (Hoth)
  • 26* on DSTB (Geonosis)

In new members we expect the following:
  1. 600 tickets a day, but we do understand life happens
  2. Full participation in TB
  3. Full participation in TW if you join
  4. 3.5 million GP minimum

Our raids rules are :
  1. 24 hour 0 damage rule on all Raids
  2. Raid schedule currently rotates for each raid individually, alternating from 3 pm EST to 9 pm EST
  3. We sim HPIT

We require downloading discord, joining our server, and linking your account.
Here is our guild page on
You can contact me here or on discord at iwells911#4694

We look forward to hearing from you all!
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