Tenacity up AND Tenacity down the same time

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Rex set tenacity up, later counter TFP added tenacity down.

Update: Works as designed. All fine.
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  • They just cancel eachother out. Only reason they have both is for abilities which rely on buffs/debuffs. So Boba gets the extra damage, but net tenacity gain/loss is 0.
  • Swordd
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    Also makes sense because they could be different durations. Tenacity down for two turns and up for one turn, for example. Makes more sense to show both for a turn and then up only for another turn, as opposed to showing nothing then having tenacity up appear out of nowhere.
  • Thanks @ExarTheKun and @Swordd for explaining it!

    I was asking in the guild, but no one saw it before.
    Thanks again :-)
  • crzydroid
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    This is because a recent update fixed the visual bug where it was only showing one. Now you can see when you have opposing buffs and debuffs.
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