Bossk: Weekly Toon Idea

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Sorry about the delay, I had a very busy past couple of days so I couldn't post Sunday or Monday. But rest assured I'm back and better than ever;)

Bossk(Bounty Hunter, Scoundrel, Tank)

Sure Shot(Basic): Deal physical damage to target enemy and apply daze. Zeta: If target enemy is already Dazed then deal Special damage to all enemies equal to 10% of Bossk's max health.

Heavy Hit(Special): Deal physical damage to target enemy. If it scores a critical hit, Bossk taunts for 2 turns. (Cooldown: 4)

Trandoshion Might(Unique): Random enemy lose 5% TM when Bossk takes damage. If Boba Fett takes damage Bossk has 35% chance to taunt til he takes damage. That chance is doubled if the attacker is a Scoundrel

Wookie Hunter(Unique): Wookies can not gain buffs while Bossk is active.

Next weeks toon will be decided by whomever posts the best Bossk idea below. To enter, post your idea and who you want then hope you win.

May the Force be with you, God bless, and farewell.
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