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Let's journey into the latest Game Updates for 7/26/2017

<<7/26/2017 Megathread>>

The daily login Character for August is Luke Skywalker

Welcome our final addition to the Ewok invasion: Wicket arrives in the Galaxy of Heroes! This powerful Ewok attacker finds his strength in numbers, granting incredible Critical Hit and Stealth synergies to Ewok squads, while also dealing more critical damage for each Ewok present. In addition, Wicket's unique, Furtive Tactics, gives Wicket a chance to take another turn, each turn.

To celebrate Wickets arrival, we're introducing a brand new type of event, the Heroic Battles will allow players to fight against huge enemies and earn unique rewards in a recurring event. The first of these is The Endor Escalation Heroic Battle. This encounter pits the intrepid Ewoks against the formidable AT-ST.

The AT-ST has several devastating attacks including:
  • BLASTER CANNON: Deals single target physical damage and inflicts Stagger
  • HEAVY BLASTER VOLLEY: Deals heavy single-target damage and ignores armor
  • INCENDIARY GRENADE: Deals area damage and inflicts Burning
  • CONCUSSION GRENADE: Deals light damage and inflicts Daze

While this Imperial threat may look ominous, the challenge isn’t without glory. The first time the AT-ST appears it will yield rare Mods. Future appearances of the AT-ST will be a players' source to obtain Wicket shards!

This challenging event starts: July 29th

(NOTE:On the first run this weekend, this event will be locked to a forced-squad of L85 G11 Ewoks.TLDR- You will be given a Souped up Squad!)


No Ewok squad is complete without the standout warrior of Bright Tree village. Join forces with Wicket and aid him in his attack against the Imperial stronghold! Earn Wicket shards as you familiarize yourself with his attacks and learn strategic tips in this four tier event!
Are you ready? Because the attack commences on July 27th.

  • Fulcrum Ahsoka Shards are now available in Shipments
  • Additional gear slots have been added to Shipments (depending on Player level)

The following has left the Shard Shop
  • Gar Saxon
  • Imperial Super Commando
  • Gauntlet Starfighter

The following terms are being updated in game.
  • Shard Shop = Shard Store
  • Shard Currency = Shard Store Tokens
  • War Tokens = Galactic War Tokens
  • Arena Tokens = Squad Arena Tokens
  • Guild Currency = Guild Tokens
  • Fleet Store = Fleet Arena Store
  • Cantina Credits = Cantina Battle Tokens

Forest Ambush Pack- Wicket
This pack arrives in the wake of Wicket's Marquee event. Use this Pack to level up the newest member of your Endor Forest Moon Squad!
  • 1299 Crystals
  • Available to Players Lv 20+

Forest Ambush Pack- Paploo
The fearless warriors of Endor's forest moon have returned, and they've brought friends! Use this pack to level up Paploo, an all-new Ewok warrior.
  • 1299 Crystals
  • Available to Players Lv 20+

Forest Ambush Pack- Logray
The fearless warriors of Endor's forest moon have invaded the Store! Use this pack to level up Logray, an all-new Ewok warrior.
  • 1299 Crystals
  • Available to Players Lv 20+

Forest Ambush Ultimate Bundle
Ensure victory by powering up new Ewok warriors Paploo, Logray, and Wicket with this Ultimate Bundle! This Bundle contains the following:
  • Character Shards
  • Paploo (x55)
  • Logray (x55)
  • Wicket (x55)
  • Credits
  • XP Droids
  • Ability Mats

A brand new environment has been added to the colorful roster of Holotable locales- The Endor Ewok Village!

  • Art: Geonosian Character icons have been updated
  • Art: Fixed an issue where Clone Troopers and Storm Troopers legs are too thin
  • B2 Super Battle Droid: "Mow Down" will no longer dispel Defense Down from Grand Moff Tarkin's leader ability.
  • Chief Chirpa: Omega level "Tribal Unity" will now call all allies to assist in a 6 team squad.
  • Darth Nihilus: "Wound in the Force" will now correctly apply the Damage Over Time effects to the Rancor in Phases 2 and 3.
  • Darth Vader: Damage Over Time effects from "Force Crush" will now have Evasion evaluated correctly (Physical instead of Special).
  • First Order TIE Pilot: "Gun Down" Buff Immunity will now take effect before the damage, preventing Zeta Maul Sith units from gaining Stealth.
  • General Kenobi: "The Negotiator" ability now grants Health Up if a Health Down debuff is dispelled
  • General Veers: Imperial Assault Commander now grants Turn Meter when Imperial Trooper allies receive a special buff (i.e. Hera's "Backup Plan")
  • Grand Master Yoda: "Masterstroke" will now copy the Stealth buff from enemy units.
  • Grand Master Yoda: Updated description of "Battle Meditation" to correctly indicate that Yoda is not excluded from this ability.
  • Grand Master Yoda: Updated description of "Battle Meditation" to correctly indicate that Stealth and Taunt are excluded from being copied.
  • Jyn Erso: Zeta upgrade of her leader ability "Into the Fray" now heals Protection when Rebel allies receives a special buff.
  • Luminara Unduli: "Elegant Steps" will now grant the correct Evasion bonus to Jedi and non-Jedi respectively.
  • Shoretrooper: "Regroup" will no longer reduce Cooldown of Thrawn's Maneuver ability.
  • Snowtrooper: "Overwhelming Assault" will no longer reduce Cooldown of Thrawn's Maneuver ability.

Familiar faces rejoin our hero as the journey continues…

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